Vintage with a personal touch

Steve had been calling everywhere in town looking for a Montana sapphire, the stone his girlfriend most wanted for her engagement ring. It had to be a Montana sapphire for Bev and nothing else. All her friends had one, she loved the colour, and her and Steve had taken many trips to Montana together.  He had almost lost hope as none of the jewellers in Calgary he had contacted carried this particular stone he was seeking. Every store he walked into pummelled him with other suggestions from their showcase and tried to tell him what he wanted instead of listening to his ideas.

Then he found Premier Gems and his hope returned. Premier Gems stock just happens to have a pretty large collection of Montana sapphire rough and also offered custom gem cutting as an option.  Steve was overjoyed to be able to not only have the sapphire he wanted but he got to choose the colour, shape, and size of the long sought after gemstone. Next came the perfect setting for this one of a kind sapphire.  With the help of Premier Gems’ design team, a vintage-inspired rose gold creation came to life for Bev to love for years to come.