“Who says dreams don’t come true?”

Bonnie had a dream that Dermot presented her with a beautiful Claddagh ring. When she awoke, she was determined to find a way to bring this dream ring to reality. She knew exactly how it was intended to be and had a very specific result in mind. Dermot and Bonnie set about finding a jeweler with whom they could work with that would understand the intricacies of this ring they wanted to create. The first attempt was a failure and left them feeling disappointment as the jeweler did not follow their very specific instructions. From this experience they learned that they first needed to build a relationship based on communication and trust.

The couple came to Premier Gems ready to try again to see if this team could recreate Bonnie’s dream piece. They laid out their terms, handed Liz a picture of a Claddagh ring, and asked if she could replicate it exactly. Liz was confident with the challenge. Jeff sourced the ideal emerald to be the heart of the ring and with a few discovery questions regarding the size and proportion of the ring and a clearer description of the Celtic Knot work for the band and Liz set to work making dreams come true.