“A Walk in the Woods”

Gerald came into Premier Gems with what he thought was an unusual request for his custom engagement ring. He had in his pocket three rough Labradorite stones and wanted them custom cut into a work of art for the artist in his life, his fiancée. Jeff informed Gerald that he could indeed cut the stones so now they just needed some inspiration for the design. Liz began asking questions about this special woman who would be wearing the ring and through this process Gerald recalled a story from early in their relationship. They were walking through the woods and had come to the trail that led to their cabin. It was late, it was dark, and they had to cross a stream to reach their destination. Gerald remembers how scared and unhappy his fiancée was in that moment. He was able to help her get over that obstacle and the memory has stuck with them as they often go camping and hiking in that area. Liz now had the setting for the ring, a representation of the leaves from the trees above and the waves of the stream they crossed that incorporated the Labradorite stones Gerald had brought in with a diamond and a sapphire (because Gerald likes blue). Out of this collaboration, a wonderful piece of art was created for a wonderful artist.