“Bringing together the whole family”

The joining of two hearts is always a cause for celebration but for Jesse there were two additional little hearts he wanted to also honour. He was seeking a ring for his fiancée that represented the whole family coming together. Jesse knew he would never find such a specific piece in the average jewelry store; a custom engagement ring was the only way to go. Drawing inspiration from his family’s story and a couple of pictures of rings that his fiancée liked, he laid out the basics for Liz and the design took shape. Bands of intertwining diamond and white gold represented how their lives were inseparable, a pink sapphire for the gem in his life, and a birthstone each to represent their two children. Liz helped bring the concept into reality using rendering software to create a magical ring that tells the beautiful story of this family. The result of this process was a ring that expressed Jesse’s love for his fiancée and their whole family.