Three keys to an unforgettable wedding: #2 The Perfect Dress

September 4, 2019

You’ve pinned dozens of dream dresses and religiously watched wedding dress reality TV. Now what? The pressure sets in. You want to look your best on your special day, but you have no idea where to start. Here are some considerations to help you find a dress that will add even more magic to your wedding day.

Figure out what style of wedding dress is totally you

Finding a dress you love that is on-trend is great, but you don’t need to buy that super trendy wedding dress just because it’s showing up on celebrities’ Instagram feeds.

The right dress for you may or may not be on the cutting edge of fashion. Be open-minded and try on a variety of styles to see what you like best before you totally commit and start to narrow down your search.

If you want to look your best on your wedding day, you want to feel your best. You’re at your best when you are yourself, so find a style that matches you. Consider whether you’re more elegant, extravagant, or understated, and use that to find your style.

A wedding dress does not fit like yoga pants

Buy a dress that fits you, not one that you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to fit in. You don’t need to fight a problem that doesn’t exist.

All wedding dresses fit differently depending on the design. When choosing a dress, be more concerned about the fit than the size tag, which is likely to be different from your more casual clothing. The more dresses you try, the more you will notice that different styles fit diverse body shapes differently. Don’t stress over that one dress that just would not fit. You’re going to be wearing this dress for several hours on a very busy day, so let comfort be part of your decision, too.

Be realistic about your wedding dress budget—even if it hurts

Find a dress you really like, but it’s a bit above your max budget? Well, you set that budget for a reason…

Sure, your wedding is a day when you deserve to look and feel your best. But is your one-day dress worth compromising your financial health once married life begins? Maybe you’d rather put that money toward your first home together, your plans for a family or your wedding rings.

And of course, you budgeted for alterations to that expensive dress, right? Wedding dress alterations—particularly to lace gowns—can cost as much as the dress itself.

If you’ve already fallen in love with that budget-busting dress, take a few days to sit on your choice before you hand over the credit card. There may be another dress in a similar style closer to your budget at the next shop you visit, or you may find something completely different that fits you just right. Maybe a friend is about to donate the gorgeous dress she got married in a couple of years ago. Stay open-minded about all the possibilities.

Your dress is a reflection of who you are and you want to show that off on your big day. Have fun with the process and you’ll soon have one more piece of your unforgettable wedding in place.