Three keys to an unforgettable wedding: #3 The Perfect Rings

September 4, 2019

The wedding rings you exchange on your wedding day play an important role in your lives together. They will tell your story from the very start.

People often wear their wedding rings daily for years. It’s worth getting them right. At the most basic level, it’s integral to consider sizing and style for your wedding rings.

Get the perfect fit for your wedding rings

An ill-fitting ring is at major risk of falling off and getting lost. Especially if you or your partner don’t regularly wear rings, ensure you’re comfortable and confident in the fit before you buy your ring to avoid additional costs later on, or worse, having the ring slip off never to be seen again. A too-small ring is trouble too. Nobody wants to have to cut off a wedding ring!

If you don’t learn until later that your ring isn’t a perfect fit, you may like to book a re-sizing. If you aren’t sure about your ring sizes, please book an appointment with us. We’d be happy to make sure this symbol of your love is a perfect fit.

Your wedding ring style is uniquely yours

You may have an idea of what your wedding rings will look like. Maybe Silver? Gold? White gold? If you’re looking for a little something more than an understated band, the options are just about limitless.

You may not find your perfect wedding rings in a store. That’s where custom-designing a wedding ring comes in. Customized rings are instant heirlooms, full of meaning and especially romantic. There’s nothing like having rings that express the love between you and your significant other. On top of that, when you customize your rings, you know that no other couple on Earth has the same symbol of love as you.

If you have any questions or are interested in custom-designing your wedding rings, contact us and we are more than willing to make that happen. Or get some inspiration from the rings we’ve created with past clients.