Your Legacy Starts Today

February 1, 2022

To think: they used to fight wars over this kind of stuff. 

Way back when in the ages of knights and Kingdoms, back when marriage came with a dowry of land and cattle, back when the kings and queens wore ornate crowns upon their heads - one had to travel far and wide to find the materials to make elegant jewelry.

Wealthy kings would campaign across continents to find the resources that would fund their kingdoms - finding and seizing gold mines and veins of gemstones. They would confiscate the work of silversmiths to take back for their craftsmen to replicate. Or, if the work was good enough, they would just seize the silversmith outright.

The crowns and rings and other various jewelry would become the stuff of legend. The kingdom may fall, but the relics still stood the test of time. They would trade hands, live in museums, be looted, stolen, or lost with time. Long after the historian’s pages rotted with age, long after the oral histories faded, the jewelry would survive to tell the tale of what had once been a grand empire.

If you knew something would outlast you and carry on your legacy, wouldn’t you want it to tell a fantastic story? 

Something to think about the next time you want to add to your jewelry collection, isn’t it?

Not only is your piece going to last forever, but it will always carry a story with it. You may be designing the perfect engagement or wedding ring, and it will certainly tell the story of your love and commitment for one another, but it will also add to the story of everyone that ring is passed on to. Your children, great-grandchildren, greatest of step-great great-grandchildren! They could all have something to add to your ring.

We may be getting ahead of ourselves. Fortunately, you don’t need to go on a continent-wide campaign to secure what you need to create jewelry (we do that for you!), but you will go on quite the journey when it comes to crafting custom jewelry. 

In our shop or over an online consultation, our jewelers work closely with you to discover what you want to capture most in your custom piece. After all, this isn’t just a wedding ring - it is YOUR wedding ring - uniquely yours, so it should be uniquely you. This means we work to create something that is stylish without being trendy - something that will be as beautiful today as it will be decades from now. 

It’s not just an engagement or a special event; it is a chapter in your story, in your legacy. Your guides at Premier Gems are your personal artisans. We speak through the medium of precious metals and gemstones to tell a story that will last for ages. Isn’t it time to write the first page of your legacy?