Curate For Today, Create For A Lifetime

March 23, 2022

When you buy a dozen roses from your local florist for Valentine’s Day, there is a good chance the roses will be a limp, decaying mess that is falling out of its vase by early March. Flowers die because they are supposed to. They represent a life cycle, from seed to harvest to arrangement and back to seed again. We plant bulbs in the late autumn to show our optimism about the year ahead. We plant vegetable gardens in the Spring to watch them grow, flower, and bear the nourishing food.

Flowers die so they can bring about something new. This isn’t anything to be sad about.

Diamond mines run deep. The Mir Mine in central Russia is nearly 1,500 feet deep - one of the deepest in the world - and has yielded diamonds since the deposits were discovered in 1955. Before then, millions of years before then, the ground under the mine consisted of bands of carbon that sat under intense heat and pressure to create the coveted diamonds. Eons of geothermal and tectonic activity, well-beneath the surface of an earth humans will never know, resulted in the diamonds that will last forever. 

Diamonds are meant to last forever. It takes a lifetime to create something that will last a lifetime. Diamonds take forever to form and probably just as long to erode or dissolve.

The organic dynamism of flowers, the timeless permanence of gemstones - we bring both to crafting jewelry because we know every relationship needs both. We’ve seen the story play out time and again; we have watched couples celebrate their 50th, 60th, and even 70th anniversaries - and we know how the foundation of forever is built upon the renewing cycles of their love for one another.

Like a garden, a loving relationship needs to be tilled and tended and cared for. Sometimes things need to be weeded and pruned; other times, a bit of fertilizer will go a long way. The result is the joy of a blossoming rose. Like a diamond, the long-term commitment and perseverance between two people can create something unique and unbreakable. 

You need both.

We look at our jewelry design the same way. We work closely with our customers - developing a long-term relationship built on trust and communication - to draw out ideas of what you love in a piece while seeing the care we’re ready to invest in you. Then we work with flexible materials to craft or 3D-print a model that will become the cast for your forever piece. You watch every step of the process, combining your dreams and desires with our expertise and vision.

The result? Something timeless, something that is forever. 

Something that is uniquely you.