How We Preserve And Enhance What You Value The Most

June 1, 2022

What do you value most? 

It’s something we ask our customers all the time, especially when we start to develop their custom jewellery pieces. Knowing what you value helps us shape what we create for you.

Of course, when you work in the world of fine gemstones, rings, necklaces, and more, it’s easy to talk about “valuables.” On one side, we think about “value” in terms of how far your money can go - what kind of bang can you get for your buck? 

This is the difference between buying a five-pack of t-shirts for ten dollars versus spending more on garments that are built better and designed to last. In the sustainable fashion industry, they consider this the “cost per wear”- how low can you get your costs while still having great-looking clothing?

If a twenty-dollar garment is only worn ten times before it shows wear and tear, but a hundred-dollar item can be world hundreds of times over - one may be less expensive, but the other is far more valuable. 

What do we consider the most valuable? Things that get better with time and age. The raw materials we work with - the precious metals and gemstones - come to us with a long, storied history behind them which makes them so valuable. As we craft these materials into your dream ring or custom jewellery, it becomes even more valuable because it is unique to you and the story you bring to the table.

In terms of “cost per wear” - next to nothing! While we always make sure to work within our customer’s budgets, the items we create for them will be worn every day for years, for decades, and then for even longer as they are passed on to the next generation. 

Value is rarely about what something costs. At Premier Gems, we capture the value of your story and your experiences and couple them into a one-of-a-kind piece that will only serve to enhance your legacy for years to come.

In other words: we show you ways to increase the value of what you cherish the most. From loved ones and special dates on the calendar to landmark moments and memories you will never forget. If it means the world to you today, we’ll make sure its value lasts forever. 

We would love to hear all about it - feel free to stop by and talk with us or book an appointment online to learn more.