Are you ready to design your own custom jewellery?

September 20, 2022

"I don't think I could get away with wearing something like that," a customer in the shop recently told us. She was looking at one of our items on display - a custom diamond engagement ring going out to a client the next day. The ring was somewhat extravagant; the client had wanted something that would really knock his soon-to-be fiance's socks off. 

And maybe she was right - maybe she couldn't get away with wearing this ring. But she could certainly get away with wearing something like that. This happens quite often with our customers - they come in expecting to find one thing, but then we design something custom for them that they might never have imagined.

With so many retailers creating and selling jewellery worldwide, it's easy to forget that there is a bit of fashionability to it. Sometimes it follows trends, but your jewellery should always fit your personality. 

A Place For Commercial Designs

Advertising, Trends, and "something for everyone."

We all grow up seeing hundreds of commercials from retail jewellers - the ones who have kiosks in the malls and slogans about how "love is equivalent to a two month's salary." Their business is built on mass market designs that are manufactured cheaply and quickly. This is how many get their first diamond pendant or gemstone earrings. 

Any fashionable trend is a gateway for anyone and everyone to try things out for the first time. We know people who never bother with diamonds or gold after their grandparents get them something as a graduation gift - and that's OK!

Many of our clients are the kind who noticed the rings and necklaces they were wearing were too similar to what everyone else was wearing.

Where Maturity Meets Experience

The story you are told versus the story you tell.

Custom jewellery tells a story. Look at items kept in museums. These relics were commissioned by royals and the elite from all over the world to tell a specific story. From how the stones were acquired to the designers hired to craft the pieces, the story of a custom piece of jewellery resonates well into the future.

Eventually, you discover the story you want to tell. You discover what makes you unique and you want a piece of jewellery as unique as you are. Everyone's story is different, and so should your jewellery.

Preparing Your Custom Jewellery Design

Finding Inspiration

How do you start creating a custom piece of jewellery? The gemstone specialists and design team at Premier gems are always on hand to share ideas and let you explore samples from our collection for inspiration and design ideas. Feel free to stop in at any time.

Not in the area? Take an evening to relax with your favorite beverage and start collecting images of pieces from custom ring makers to see what strikes you. Look at what your favorite celebrities wore at the last award show or what might be on display at a national jewellery gallery. Of course, putting in search terms into Pinterest yields creative, custom pieces from jewellers of all kinds.

Your inspiration doesn't just need to come from stones, rings, and custom items that other people wear. We've created custom rings from people's favorite stories, from their family photo albums, and even dreams they've had.

You never know where inspiration strikes, but when it's time to create a custom piece of jewellery, you will know. The voice is hard to ignore! And when that happens, give us a call and schedule a consultation either in-store or online.