Why We’re Offering In-Home Appraisals to Calgary Residents

October 21, 2022

Each piece of jewelry carries a unique story, which comes with immense value.

What are you doing to protect that value? We know our customers invest a considerable amount of time and money into crafting and creating unique, custom pieces. The same goes for anyone who has acquired a gemstone or heirloom that is essential to their family's history. 

We also know that there is a lot of anxiety that comes with getting an assessment of your jewellery by a certified gemologist. This is why Premier Gems is bringing our specialty to you with our in-home jewellery assessments.  

Our expertise, your jewellery, in a place you feel safest: your own home.

Here are three reasons why we're proud to bring in-home jewelry appraisals to the Calgary area.

Low Cost, High Reward

On one hand - there is nothing higher than the cost of losing your jewelry in the event of a disaster. On the other hand, you never know how much value you could have sitting in your vanity. Most jewellery and gemstone owners are cautious about wearing their diamonds and gold pieces out in public, fearing something might happen to them. To bring a collection in for assessment can be risky and expensive.

Many appraisal services charge on a rate-per-peice, and then add more depending on the type of evaluation you're after. 

Our in-home jewellery valuation and appraisal services start at $500 and we come to you. We work around your schedule so you can save time and risk less. 

Confirm Jewelry Value & Ownership

While potential disputes and insurance claims are among the many reasons for validating your jewelry's financial value, but we know your motivations may extend beyond time and money. Getting jewellery appraisals:

  • Ensures each piece of jewellery stands for the virtues that of your family - love, support, and unity.
  • Spreads trust through generations by establishing credibility.
  • Establishes the value of the gift to your partner.

You're not just determining financial value but also confirming the sentiment behind your cherished jewellery - something we know they'll love.

Getting Adequate Jewellery Insurance Coverage

We know your jewellery is worth the world to you, but the insurance companies need to put a number to what they will cover. The market value of your collection will determine how much you get back in the event of theft or damage and how much premium you could end up paying.

You don't want to overpay for coverage you don't need, but we know you still want to be whole in the worst-case scenario.

Standard homeowner's policies never seem to provide enough coverage and you may need to buy additional insurance to secure your collection. Our assessments ensure you're getting enough coverage for all of your insurance purposes and tax reporting needs.

Book Your In-Home Jewellery Appraisal Today

Our owner and GIA-certified gemologist, Jeff Nechka, is currently taking appointments for in-home appraisals and valuations. Get peace of mind where you feel safest with the jeweller Calgary trusts the most.