The Premier Gems Engagement Ring Guide

January 27, 2023

Here’s the positive side, you’ve already done the hard part. After thinking long and hard about what you want out of life and who you want to share it with, it’s time to pop the big question. The Marriage Proposal. “Would you do me the honor of…”

With every proposal comes the ring. And while the modern marriage proposal can come from anyone, we notice the person buying the ring usually needs a lot of help deciding what kind of engagement ring to buy for their partner. This is especially so when the partner isn’t present in the process, and the ring and proposal are truly a surprise. 

Lucky for you, the staff at Premier Gems is well-versed in the art of shopping for engagement rings. Whether you’re looking for a custom design or picking from a pre-crafted option, here are a few things you want to consider:

Stone Quality

While the diamond is the classic choice for an engagement ring, we noticed modern couples are considering a rainbow of gemstones for their wedding and engagement bands. No matter what stone you want to set in the finished product, we work with you to show you how the 4 C’s of a stone’s quality (cut, color, clarity, and carat) impacts both the price and the appearance. There is no right or wrong “C,” but we can show you how each of these variables can give you a unique, one-of-a-kind stone.

Your Budget

You will either love or hate the following: you no longer have to spend two months' salary on the “perfect engagement ring.” Believe it or not, this idea of a “two-months salary” was created by a marketing agency that wanted to sell larger diamonds to first-time buyers. Believe it or not, your love and commitment to your partner is in no way connected to how much you earn in two months.

Even if you are one of the “money is no object!” kind of people, you should have a budget in mind. It should be a clear, solid number that won’t leave you eating beans for the next year. Having a budget helps your jeweller narrow down the kind of stones, metals, and designs used in your ring. The budget helps us as much, if not more than, it helps you.

What Your Partner Wants

You either have the kind of partner who has dreamt of exactly what their engagement ring will look like since they were a child, or you will have a partner who is fine wearing “just any old thing.” Whatever the case, it’s important to know what your partner prefers in their jewellery. Do a bit of snooping and see what they keep in their collection or what they wear on a casual day. If they don’t wear jewellery that often, we can often find clues in their everyday wardrobe or even what kind of case they have for their iPhone. 

Modest, extravagant, unique, or modern, we can definitely find the perfect match for your partner.

Whether you have a custom ring created or purchase a pre-designed setting, there are two things that need to go on your to-do list.

  1. Get It Insured. You have no idea how many people neglect to do this. Insuring your ring against loss or damage will go a long way to preventing a headache down the line. The ring is an investment, and you should treat it as such. Value assessments are often a part of the insurance process and the assessment can also be used down the line if you ever need to sell the ring (not saying you would, but these things do happen).
  1. Resizing. All day long we size customers for rings, so it’s a little baffling to learn that some people have no idea what their ring size is. Maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised that their partner’s ring size is also a mystery. If you’re able to find it, great. If not, we can do an average size ring and set an appointment with you to get it resized later.

Getting engaged should be exciting, which is why we do whatever we can to prepare you for the event. We know your partner is as eager to say yes as you are to ask them, and having a beautiful ring from Premier Gems will only make it easier on them.

Need to know more about the ring buying process? Get in touch with us today and see what Premier Gems can do to make your proposal special.