The Stories Behind The Gem

Julie and Gwynne

February 19, 2020

“A New Heirloom” – Julie and Gwynne

Julie and Gwynne found themselves wanting an antique style ring. However, their idea of the perfect ring was somewhat unique. It involved the desire for a traditional look, complete only with the addition of a personal touch that would allow for a distinctive element to this custom-made piece of jewellery.

Gwynne and Julie wanted this ring to be unforgettable, a cherished family item that would be passed on for years to come. After doing some research, Gwynne found Liz’s YouTube videos and decided that Premier Gems was a perfect fit. They wanted someone who could accommodate their style and budget, and those sought after qualities were more than evident in Liz’s videos.

They loved that Premier Gems explained everything along the way and were very flexible and transparent in all their interactions. According to Julie and Gwynne, Premier Gems “is a very comfortable (non-pressuring) experience.

I would highly recommend them.” The result of their vision? A priceless, antique-inspired ring containing a pre-1920’s diamond, with their initials included in filigree at the top.