The Stories Behind The Gem

Kelly and Amber

February 19, 2020

“The Perfect Stone, The Perfect Colour”

Kelly and Amber were on a quest to find the perfect colour gemstone to create an engagement ring that would depict the essence of their relationship. Colour is powerful. It can evoke memories and emotions. It can bring to mind people, places, and experiences. Colour has the ability to nudge our emotions in so many directions. We all have colours we prefer and those we do not. For Amber, the colour that she connected with as a representation of her relationship with Kelly was a light green. In her search, she saw a green amethyst in the showcase of a mall jewellery store. Right colour, wrong stone. An amethyst is not a durable stone to wear everyday.

They couple came to Liz and Jeff with the perfect colour and the hope of finding the perfect stone to anchor the design of the engagement ring. The search was on for a stone strong enough to endure the bumps and scrapes of everyday wear. With patience and persistence they worked together until a sapphire was decided upon. Sapphires are available in various green-blue and yellow-green tones which allowed Amber to select the perfect stone in the perfect colour. Then it was Kelly’s turn to finalize the design as a surprise to Amber on their engagement day. A few styles were suggested and then a white gold band with a diamond frame around the sapphire was chosen. The dedication and hard work of the team at Premier Gems fashioned a stunning piece that portrayed the feelings behind this lovely couples heart connection.