The Stories Behind The Gem

Ryan and Diane

February 19, 2020

“Pearls and Heritage, Beyond Borders”

This ring was special. Diane didn’t want a diamond but a pearl. Although Ryan moved from Canada to France quite a while ago, he knew there was only one person to create the ring he wanted for Diane. Ryan knew Liz from high school in Ontario; he had seen the work she was doing with Premier Gems in Calgary and was amazed with what she could do. Ryan emailed Liz to find him the best pearl and begin the process of creating an heirloom.  Many pictures were emailed back and forth from France to Canada as Liz dedicated herself to getting the selection perfect.

Finally, Liz presented a stunning 12mm Australian pearl and Ryan knew it was the one for Diane. The conversation moved on to the design. It had to be something that reflected who they were and where they both came from. Ryan suggested including a fleur-de-lis, representing Diane’s French heritage, and an oak leaf, representing his Ukrainian heritage. Liz kept the ring clean and modern, as Ryan described Diane to be. The final design was a fleur-de-lis wrapping around one side of the pearl and an oak leaf on the other. The vines of both intertwine at the bottom of the pearl to signify their union.

Ryan presented Diane with this beautiful pearl ring that so elegantly incorporated their heritages by going beyond borders. It is an heirloom with a great story of people crossing countries to be together for a love that knows no borders.