The Stories Behind The Gem


February 19, 2020

“A Spiritual Connection to Gemstones”

Inspired by Buddhist teachings and her path to inner peace, Sharron brought in a few gemstones and a few ideas. Liz, who had been inspired by meditation rings in the past, was excited to collaborate with Sharon to create pieces that were a harmonious blend of personal meaning and functionality. Using 3D render software, Liz brought to life the custom rings. Inspired by gifts and the offering to others the emerald and gold nuggets were combined.

The yellow sapphire ring has filigree and “óm” inscribed on the setting. The garnet ring signified on the basics and simplicity needed in life. The final band had Sharon’s favourite mantra inscribed with beads located at the end of the inscription so that she could feel the beginning and the end of the phrase.

This experience was an enlightening collaboration between client and designer.