Ryan found us through a Google search. He wanted a vintage inspired engagement ring using an antique Old Mine Cut Diamond, cut and polished over one hundred years ago.

“I knew this project was going to be a challenge. Other jewellers wanted to use modern cut diamonds, but I wanted an antique diamond that would harmonize with the antique ring. After seeing the number of antique diamonds that you brought in to select from I knew you were the right fit to design the ring. Jeff and Liz are a pleasure to work with, and I was confident in your ability to design and create the perfect engagement ring. You are the ‘hidden gem’ I’m glad I found. I was amazed when I saw the final piece! It was exactly as I imagined. I’m amazed at all the details! I’ll most definitely go out of my way to recommend you and to tell others not to even consider another company”.



Terry was looking for a company that would create custom wedding rings by crediting some old jewellery toward the new piece.

“One of your clients, who I’ve known for decades, trusts Jeff so I didn’t hesitate to contact you. I liked the idea to build our own rings using our designs its more meaningful than ordering from a catalog. The rings look even better that I had expected! I would tell others that you are the only place to go, the experience feels exclusive and special”.


Claudette & Jon

“It Must Be Pink”

Jon was ready to declare his love by proposing to Claudette, his wedding planner girlfriend, but he had a challenge ahead. How does one go about creating the perfect proposal for someone who crafts the perfect wedding for couples every day? Thankfully, Claudette had been dropping hints to him for the ring she was dreaming of, rose gold framing a pink morganite, so Jon knew exactly what he was looking for and it must be pink. Liz could envision the finished piece as soon as he described it and with a few reference pictures provided by Jon the perfect ring was crafted. A hand-selected pink emerald cut morganite framed in 14k rose gold with white diamond accents. Jon’s weeks of planning all came together to create the perfect moment and you can read the proposal story from Claudette’s perspective over on her blog post The Perfect Proposal.


“A Walk in the Woods”

Gerald came into Premier Gems with what he thought was an unusual request for his custom engagement ring. He had in his pocket three rough Labradorite stones and wanted them custom cut into a work of art for the artist in his life, his fiancée. Jeff informed Gerald that he could indeed cut the stones so now they just needed some inspiration for the design. Liz began asking questions about this special woman who would be wearing the ring and through this process Gerald recalled a story from early in their relationship. They were walking through the woods and had come to the trail that led to their cabin. It was late, it was dark, and they had to cross a stream to reach their destination. Gerald remembers how scared and unhappy his fiancée was in that moment. He was able to help her get over that obstacle and the memory has stuck with them as they often go camping and hiking in that area. Liz now had the setting for the ring, a representation of the leaves from the trees above and the waves of the stream they crossed that incorporated the Labradorite stones Gerald had brought in with a diamond and a sapphire (because Gerald likes blue). Out of this collaboration, a wonderful piece of art was created for a wonderful artist.


“Bringing together the whole family”

The joining of two hearts is always a cause for celebration but for Jesse there were two additional little hearts he wanted to also honour. He was seeking a ring for his fiancée that represented the whole family coming together. Jesse knew he would never find such a specific piece in the average jewelry store; a custom engagement ring was the only way to go. Drawing inspiration from his family’s story and a couple of pictures of rings that his fiancée liked, he laid out the basics for Liz and the design took shape. Bands of intertwining diamond and white gold represented how their lives were inseparable, a pink sapphire for the gem in his life, and a birthstone each to represent their two children. Liz helped bring the concept into reality using rendering software to create a magical ring that tells the beautiful story of this family. The result of this process was a ring that expressed Jesse’s love for his fiancée and their whole family.


“A Spiritual Connection to Gemstones”

Inspired by Buddhist teachings and her path to inner peace, Sharron brought in a few gemstones and a few ideas. Liz, who had been inspired by meditation rings in the past, was excited to collaborate with Sharon to create pieces that were a harmonious blend of personal meaning and functionality. Using 3D render software, Liz brought to life the custom rings. Inspired by gifts and the offering to others the emerald and gold nuggets were combined. The yellow sapphire ring has filigree and “óm” inscribed on the setting. The garnet ring signified on the basics and simplicity needed in life. The final band had Sharon’s favourite mantra inscribed with beads located at the end of the inscription so that she could feel the beginning and the end of the phrase. This experience was an enlightening collaboration between client and designer.

Dermot & Bonnie


“Who says dreams don’t come true?”

Bonnie had a dream that Dermot presented her with a beautiful Claddagh ring. When she awoke, she was determined to find a way to bring this dream ring to reality. She knew exactly how it was intended to be and had a very specific result in mind. Dermot and Bonnie set about finding a jeweler with whom they could work with that would understand the intricacies of this ring they wanted to create. The first attempt was a failure and left them feeling disappointment as the jeweler did not follow their very specific instructions. From this experience they learned that they first needed to build a relationship based on communication and trust.

The couple came to Premier Gems ready to try again to see if this team could recreate Bonnie’s dream piece. They laid out their terms, handed Liz a picture of a Claddagh ring, and asked if she could replicate it exactly. Liz was confident with the challenge. Jeff sourced the ideal emerald to be the heart of the ring and with a few discovery questions regarding the size and proportion of the ring and a clearer description of the Celtic Knot work for the band and Liz set to work making dreams come true.


Kelly & Amber

“The Perfect Stone, The Perfect Colour”

Kelly and Amber were on a quest to find the perfect colour gemstone to create an engagement ring that would depict the essence of their relationship. Colour is powerful. It can evoke memories and emotions. It can bring to mind people, places, and experiences. Colour has the ability to nudge our emotions in so many directions. We all have colours we prefer and those we do not. For Amber, the colour that she connected with as a representation of her relationship with Kelly was a light green. In her search, she saw a green amethyst in the showcase of a mall jewellery store. Right colour, wrong stone. An amethyst is not a durable stone to wear everyday.

They couple came to Liz and Jeff with the perfect colour and the hope of finding the perfect stone to anchor the design of the engagement ring. The search was on for a stone strong enough to endure the bumps and scrapes of everyday wear. With patience and persistence they worked together until a sapphire was decided upon. Sapphires are available in various green-blue and yellow-green tones which allowed Amber to select the perfect stone in the perfect colour. Then it was Kelly’s turn to finalize the design as a surprise to Amber on their engagement day. A few styles were suggested and then a white gold band with a diamond frame around the sapphire was chosen. The dedication and hard work of the team at Premier Gems fashioned a stunning piece that portrayed the feelings behind this lovely couples heart connection.

Ryan & Diane


“Pearls and Heritage, Beyond Borders”

This ring was special. Diane didn’t want a diamond but a pearl. Although Ryan moved from Canada to France quite a while ago, he knew there was only one person to create the ring he wanted for Diane. Ryan knew Liz from high school in Ontario; he had seen the work she was doing with Premier Gems in Calgary and was amazed with what she could do. Ryan emailed Liz to find him the best pearl and begin the process of creating an heirloom.  Many pictures were emailed back and forth from France to Canada as Liz dedicated herself to getting the selection perfect.

Finally, Liz presented a stunning 12mm Australian pearl and Ryan knew it was the one for Diane. The conversation moved on to the design. It had to be something that reflected who they were and where they both came from. Ryan suggested including a fleur-de-lis, representing Diane’s French heritage, and an oak leaf, representing his Ukrainian heritage. Liz kept the ring clean and modern, as Ryan described Diane to be. The final design was a fleur-de-lis wrapping around one side of the pearl and an oak leaf on the other. The vines of both intertwine at the bottom of the pearl to signify their union. Ryan presented Diane with this beautiful pearl ring that so elegantly incorporated their heritages by going beyond borders. It is an heirloom with a great story of people crossing countries to be together for a love that knows no borders.


Bev & Steve


Vintage with a personal touch

Steve had been calling everywhere in town looking for a Montana sapphire, the stone his girlfriend most wanted for her engagement ring. It had to be a Montana sapphire for Bev and nothing else. All her friends had one, she loved the colour, and her and Steve had taken many trips to Montana together.  He had almost lost hope as none of the jewellers in Calgary he had contacted carried this particular stone he was seeking. Every store he walked into pummelled him with other suggestions from their showcase and tried to tell him what he wanted instead of listening to his ideas.

Then he found Premier Gems and his hope returned. Premier Gems stock just happens to have a pretty large collection of Montana sapphire rough and also offered custom gem cutting as an option.  Steve was overjoyed to be able to not only have the sapphire he wanted but he got to choose the colour, shape, and size of the long sought after gemstone. Next came the perfect setting for this one of a kind sapphire.  With the help of Premier Gems’ design team, a vintage-inspired rose gold creation came to life for Bev to love for years to come.