The Loving Intention

September 1, 2022

Love isn’t just for February.

It isn’t just for roses and champagne. It’s not just for sunset walks on the beach or the swell of music that comes up when the two lead characters are about to go on to their happily ever after. 

While they may be quick to say that Romeo and Juliet was the “most iconic love story of our time,” remember that it ended in tragedy. 

Love is the ride to the airport. Love is feeding the dog when its owner is running late. Love is sitting with you in the doctor’s office when you get bad news. Love is when dad takes the kids to the movies so mom can get a nap in. 

Love can look like a lot of things. What you share with someone may never resemble what you share with someone else. Everyone has heard of the five love languages - the ways you both express and accept love. We think everyone speaks all five languages. 

Words of affirmation, sharing quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and giving/ receiving gifts - at the core of all of these languages? Intention. 

We see the same commercials you do, especially the ones for the mass market jewellers who showcase the “most popular designs of the season.” For one low price, you could get her something that everyone else might be wearing.

Is this your intention? Is this what they mean by “your intentions were good, but…”? 

Or when the father of the bride asks “what are your intentions with my daughter?” 

Love is a lot of things, but overall, love is intentional. When it comes to the jewellery we craft, create, and sell at Premier Gems there is pure intention in everything we do and with everyone we work with. 

We focus deeply on the customers who come through our door who want to design the perfect custom piece because we know they are creating something intentional for their significant other. Our gemologist picks every gemstone with intention, with an eye for cuts and clarity, because it needs to support your intentions. Our designer sharpens her tools and creates everything with intention because it shows. 

Is it more work? Probably.

Is it more work than it’s worth? Definitely not. We know that every piece we create that goes home with a customer is going to serve the intention of the person who imagined it. The intention you give to this moment might be the investment that gives you returns over a lifetime.

Give us a call today to see what we can create for you.